Caring for your bra and panties

Caring for your bra and panties


  • Always read and follow care instructions on the label.


  • Hand wash all garments, especially bras with an underwire because wires can be bent, damaged or broken, they may even come out in the washing machine and hurt the machine.


  • Use a lingerie wash bag when washing underwear in a machine.


  • Wash lingerie frequently to keep it in good condition because perspiration, perfumes and body lotions can mark the fabric, so with regular washing the risk is minimized.


  • When washing always choose a liquid or powder specially made for delicate fabrics, make sure all powder is dissolved before putting garments in the water.


  • Wash dark colors separately.


  • Don’t exceed the recommended washing temperature


  • Dry lingerie away from direct heat such as radiators, fires and hot sunshine otherwise they may discolor, especially whites.


  • Avoid catching delicate fabrics and laces with clothes pins, use the washing label to fix bras and pants to the wash line.


  • Do not tumble dry lingerie unless the care label provides specific instructions.


  • Bras should not be worn more than 2 days in a row or twice between washings. The elastic needs to recover in order to continue providing good support and this can only happen after it’s been washed and left to rest.


  • Always lay your bras flat in a lined drawer to be sure they don’t lose their shaped or snag on uneven surfaces.



  • Use a lingerie travel bag to keep undergarments together in order to help avoid crushing and to keep the garments from being snagged.
  • Bring a small amount of your gentle detergent to hand wash your undergarments.


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